Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell, artistic director & publicity/promotion/fundraising
Martha Mendenhall, director
Grady Smith, production designer & technical director
Bree Luck, producer & event manager
Sian Richards, artist coordinator
Kelly East, choreographer
Thadd McQuade, sound designer
Carrie Girstantas, concessions
Jude Silveira, logistics & box office
Kara McLane Burke, web communication


Jessie Abbate ~ Joel Bass ~ Will Bechanan ~ Matt Black ~ Christian Breeden
Rebecca Brown ~ Kara McLane Burke ~ Murray Campbell ~Brandon Collins
Kelly East ~ Fire in the Belly ~ Johnny Fogg ~ Carrie Girstansas ~ Dinah Gray
Gus ~ Sara Hamblin ~ Keira Hart ~ William Hasselberger ~ Rebecca Jakob
Cindy Leal ~ Bruna Longo ~ Bree Luck ~Meg Madden ~ Katie McCaughan
Thadd McQuade ~Billy Noom ~ Erin Augusta Ober ~ Emily Oleson
Matthew Olwell ~ Emer O'Shaughnessy ~ Nicky Pfoutz ~ Rat ~ Alice Reed
Sian Richards ~ Opal Schooly ~ Rachael Shaw ~ Kelly Silliman
Jude Silveira ~ Vivian Spiral ~ Chip Staples ~ Eliot Thompson
Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell ~ Rachel Vigour ~ Casey Wagner
Daniel Haskell Weiss ~ Sarah White ~ Lori Wilson ~ Aaron Wine

Performers Exchange Project
is a collective of Central Virginia theatre artists dedicated to developing and performing original works and hosting likeminded performers from around the U.S. and the world for residencies of performance, workshops, and exchange.

Zen Monkey Project
is a group of contemporary movement artists and educators who, for 10 years, has been consistently exploring the boundaries of somatic movement education and contemporary dance forms.

The Living Education Center
is a private alternative community day school focused on the individual needs, abilities and talents of each student in a contextual curriculum that emphasizes ecology, living as a creative act and community awareness.

Illustration, Graphics,
Screenprinting & Banner Design

Thomas Dean

Lighting Design
Carin Edwards-Orr

Installation Artists
Aaron Fein ~ Grady Smith
Beryl Solla ~ James Yates

Security & Fire Marshalling
Mike Carruth ~ Mike Ustica
Doug Olsen ~ Larry Hugoz

Build Volunteers
Walter Lundwall ~ Zach Snider ~ Julie Kotowski
Joseph Martin ~ Howard Pape ~ Cliff Wooley
Heather Danz ~ Darryl Smith ~ Jack Higgins
Lisi Stossel ~ Victoria Long ~ Shakti Pearce
Brad Stoller ~ Charlie Bell ~ Steve Abbot
Anne Shelton ~ Esther Daily ~ Jim Waive
Todd Ely ~ Laura Covert ~ Corey Lloyd
Becca Covert ~ Dan Clark ~ Eric Thompson
Bruce Dembling

Recorded Bloop Compositions
Darren Hoyt ~ Jim Waive ~ Charlie Bell

Nick Piazza ~ Max Fenton

Will May ~Billy Hunt
Christa Slotboom ~ Jeremy Mullis

Special Thanks
Zap McConnell
Live Arts
Festival of the Photograph
Skyline Tents
Horse & Buggy Produce
Britta Bielak
Katie Farrell
Alex Wear
Freight Train, LLC
Shannon Morris
Calvin Wilkerson
Geoff Luck
Heide Trepaier
Jenny McNee
Cecil Roebuck
Dive Connections
Happy Rickshaw
Amber Cone