The Unwelcome Overture

with Pepin Schmetterling, Sigga Valsdotter
Accordion Death Squad

Gus - mandolin & fiddle
Murray Campbell - fiddle
Brandon Collins - cello
Nicki Pfoutz - accordion, banjo & piano
Rachel Vigour - String bass
Billy Noom - guitar & piano
Chip Staples - doumbek
Rat - accordion & piano

The Unwelcome Overture (a.k.a Tiger Bite to the Crotch)
Music by Gus & Rat, lyrics by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell
Dombapen by Gus
Vodka and Eggs, Dreams of Another, Woodsies,
and Night at the Mills by Rat
Mount Olympus by Sara and Ian of Thirty Note Drone

Dancers: Fire in the Belly (Joy, Irina, Jamie, Aurie)
Juggler: Daniel Haskell Weiss

Special thanks: Better than Television, Emma, Raisleh, Malcolm X, Ben, Summit Studios, the Wizard
& John Clopton (piano restoration)

The IX 50 Bicycle Rodeo &
Dignity Stripper Game Show

featuring long bikes, tall bikes, trikes, & other oddities straight out of the dojo
ringleader: Christian Breeden
Bikers: Eliot "wheel boy" Thompson
Keira "dice girl" Hart - Katie McCaughan
Joel Bass - Will Bechanan - Matt Black
Maintenance: Todd Ely

Remarkable Creatures
The Ostripuss - Asket of Wunder
Alien Vampirate Loveslave - Floating Jungle
Queen of the Bubble - Quadro creatures

Dido vs. The Squid Monster
{Or, a Most Tragical, Futile and Orientally Exotic Showdown between the Noble Queen Dido and her Beloved, Who is Not of This Earth}
A Play by Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell

Direction & Text Arrangement..Martha Mendenhall
Dido...........Sian Richards
Anna...........Kara McLane Burke
Assistance & squid costume...Opal Schooley
original song...Sarah White
Additional Music...Kohachiro Miyata
Lights....Thadd McQuade

Special thanks....Corey Lloyd, Jim Waive,
Chris Burke, Enid Tidwell

Text Sources:
My Man Godfrey (Eric Hatch & Morrie Ryskind)
Creature from the Black Lagoon
(Harry Essex & Arthur A.Ross)
The Aeneid by Virgil (John Conington, translator)
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
Alien Vs. Predator
(Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Jim Thomas, John Thomas)
The Call of Cthulu by H.P. Lovecraft
Big Love by Charles Mee
The Beauty of the Husband and Eros the Bittersweet
by Anne Carson
The Wasteland by T.S. Eliot
The Waves and To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
The personal diary of Nathaniel Hawthorne

A Dead Whale or A Stove Boat!
A Compendious Account of Incidents of A 19th Century South Seas Whale Fishing Expedition In Which the Author was Personally Engaged and to Which are Appended Explanatory Notes for the Understanding and Enjoyment of Yee Lubbers; and Provided for Hereto in 13 Chapters.
by Jude Silveira &
The Incredibly Ridiculous Theatricals Company

Natural History Peepshow
A Prospect Dance Group Project
Directed by Dinah Gray

Eve....Rebecca Brown
Helen of Troy....Dinah Gray
Joan of Arc....Alice Reed
Sacagawea....Kelly Silliman
Docent....Christian Breeden

Nickelodeon of Wunder
Video Installation by Keira Hart

1. Silent Talkie Full of Music Video
by Keira Hart starring Miki Liszt, Keira Hart,
and Denise Way. Music by Beirut
2. A Day's Movement by Keira Hart.
Music by Aphex Twin, performed by Alarms Will Sound.
3. A Careful Crash (excerpts), a multi-channel video installation created by Light House & 2nd ST Gallery Feb 2007. By: Liz Bower, Matt D-E, Sasha Solodukhina, Nicholas Yellman, Reuben Jones, Mia Gale

The Long-awaited and Carefully-Preserved Traditional Percussive Dance Forms of the Red Light District of the Spaceport of the New Tortuga in the Archipelago of Transyltron 5
Choreographed by Good Foot Dance Company

Bozinka's Lost and Found
Are you Carlos?
Jessie Abbate

The Vanishing Act
Sara Hamblin

Freak Show & Great Escape Artist
concepts and installation by Rat
painting by Rat, Nicki, John Bylander
built by Gus
acted by Emer O'Shaughnessy & special guests
film montage: Kenny Litzenberger

"The Clown's Dream"
An Aerieal Acte

Pipi The Brazilian Gamine on the Fixed Trapeze
and Nein das Clown on a Fixed Income

installation by Aaron Fein

Future Vision
installation by James Yates & Beryl Solla

Created by Kelly East
in collaboration with all the performers
Music composed by
William Hasselberger & Rebecca Jakobs
Performed by
Jessie Abbate - Kelly East - Johnny Fogg
Carrie Girstantas - Keira Hart - Cindy Leal
Meg Madden - Katie McCaughan - Erin Augusta Ober
Matthew Olwell - Emily Oleson
Rachael Shaw - Lori Wilson - Aaron Wine
with special guest Spiral

Sculpture constructed by Walter Lundwall
Special Thanks: Martin Hardware &
Cathy Mares (for the leather donation)